Energy is essential to our lives. We all rely on energy to keep the lights on, to get to work, and to heat or cool our homes. As populations around the globe – particularly in developing nations – grow and become increasingly urbanized, the demand for energy is increasing

We are focused on sustainable development of new sources of energy to meet long-term global demand.

We are a major producer and marketer of coal, with mines in Australia, Africa and South America – while our oil business is one of the leading marketers of crude oil, refined products and natural gas.

We are one of the world’s leading marketers of crude oil and oil products, supplying millions of barrels of oil every day to customers around the world

We regularly review our energy supply options to identify sustainable supplies and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible.  Energy costs represent a significant component of operational expenditures and a disruption in energy supply could have a direct impact on our production.


We have announced investments of US$300 million in significant energy infrastructure projects which will increase our use of renewable energy in 2018, a key contributor to our pathway to achieve our emissions reduction targets.

Consistent with the requirements of our environment standards, our business planning process considers energy use and identifies energy efficiency initiatives.


Our commitment to Climate Change Strategy & focus on emission reduction continues.

Proactive Strategy

We go far beyond initial energy supply procurement. Our team is constantly searching for additional opportunities to ensure that clients’ portfolios are in sync with the evolving marketplace. We employ a proprietary and transparent RFP process for energy supply procurement, ensuring that our clients will always pay the lowest possible energy costs.

Energy Cost Management

ADDC works as the energy manager for many of the largest real estate organizations throughout the country. We analyse all historical and ongoing utility records to determine accuracy and adjusts any discrepancies prior to payment.

Renewable Energy Programs

Renewable energy sources—whether co-generation, solar, wind, or hydropower—have become increasingly important to property owners in recent years.  We fully support this growing awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues, and we are able to procure green power supplies that meet your needs while still ensuring competitive market rates.

We are committed to reviewing and ratcheting our carbon emissions reduction approach every five years from FY21 towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Any remaining (residual) emissions will form the basis of our carbon offset planning to reach the net zero goal by 2050.

Ethical Energy Procurement

We maintain a strict corporate governance policy wherein any incentives from vendors are strictly prohibited, so our clients are assured that procurement proposals are bid competitively and aggressively to achieve maximum benefit for their business.